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  • Mike Wynn: I have recently used David Grossack's excellent book, "The Plasticators" in assisting others in reducing bullying by credit agencies...

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  • Tim McKyer
    David Grossack is a true American hero" Tim McKyer, football player, San Francisco 49ers, 3 time Superbowl winner
  • Linda Horan: David Grossack is a tireless fighter and advocate for those who are unable to fight for themselves. Linda Horan, prominent Union leader and activisit

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The Citizen's Justice Manual

The Citizen's Justice Manual

This is a “how-to” book for those who want to work for real freedom and justice. Written by a well-known lawyer and activist, this book demonstrates the value of protest while giving explicit instructions on how to do it right, get publicity for your cause, motivate supporters, and challenge the perpetrators of injustice. (read more)


Government by Intimidation

Government By Intimidation

A truly scary book that will convince you beyond a doubt that Americans live in a controlled state, where the government is conducting a war against its own citizens. We have a government that has murdered dissidents, supported domestic terrorists, and run all kinds of covert operations... (read more)


How to Win a Lawsuit without Hiring a LawyerHow to Win A Lawsuit Without Hiring A Lawyer

If you cannot find a lawyer you can work with or afford, you may have no choice but to represent yourself, as millions of Americans do every year. (read more)


Plasticators Workbook

Plasticators Workbook

David Grossack has advised hundreds of people on how to resist credit card collection lawyers. He makes no pretense of having a surefire technique for making them go away (other than a Chapter 7 bankruptcy).
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  • Justice for Vinny

    Do Vermont Cops Run Interference for Criminals?

    Exposing the Murderers Among US ! Vermont law enforcement steps over victims rights.
    Visit Justice for Vinny

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  • Make bill collectors pay you

    How to Make Bill Collectors Pay You Money

    Americans are in the hundreds of billions, if not a trillion dollars, in credit card debt.
    Make them pay you!!!

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  • Pulled over

    Driving While Female

    Many women will no longer stop when directed by a police officer to pull over. Some will call 911 and ask for additional

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