How To Win A Lawsuit Without Hiring A Lawyer

A Manual For The Pro Se Litigant

By Attorney David Grossack

When you can’t afford a lawyer or cannot find a lawyer to work with, sometimes you have no choice but to represent yourself. David Grossack is a nationally prominent, award-winning lawyer whose cases have made news over and over again, and are now found in the law books…

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Atty. David GrossackAt age 26 he fought the IRS, and forced Congress to change the law regarding discovery in third party summons enforcement. He has sued, among others, several police departments, prison officials, and lazy and crooked lawyers and authored ground breaking articles on overcoming prosecuting immunity. In other words, the author says sometimes you can even sue the D.A. and shows you the law to prove it. Atty. Grossack also sued the judges of the Family Courts of Massachusetts for discriminating against men, and though he was not successful, the local Bar, and the local lawyers newspaper gave him well publicized awards for doing so! The lawsuit made local, national and international news for weeks.
Atty. David Grossack has educated thousands of people to be their own attorney through seminars, videos, lectures and writings and now has compiled the very best of his work into a book which has already helped thousands of people fight back against legal bullies, bureaucrats and a justice system that is falling apart. When you read “HOW TO WIN A LAWSUIT WITHOUT HIRING A LAWYER” you’ll learn:

  • Your constitutional rights, and how to assert them in court when you are threatened by an encroaching government
  • Civil rights laws, and how to sue those who step on your rights.
  • The law library and how to find the law that applies to your case.
  • Procedural forms, and how to make sure your case is properly presented to the court.
  • Discovery rules, and how to obtain your evidence from your opponents.
  • The laws that affect entrepreneurs, and what small business folks can expect from their day in court.
  • Sovereignty and jurisdiction, two often misunderstood terms that need explaining.
  • About Federal claims after state litigation.
  • Attachments , Garnishments and Liens.
  • And much, much more for your donation of $89.00!

The Citizen’s Justice Manual

Effective, Rational Civil Disobedience

By Attorney David Grossack

This is a “how-to” book for those who want to work for real freedom and justice. Written by a well-known lawyer and activist, this book demonstrates the value of protest while giving explicit instructions on how to do it right, get publicity for your cause, motivate supporters, and challenge the perpetrators of injustice.
For those who want to change their community, their country and even the world, in the age of the Internet, David Grossack has written the ultimate work! Described by the Boston Herald as one of the best lawyers in Massachusetts, Grossack has made news often both as a lawyer and as an activist.
Former San Francisco 49’ers football star Tim McKyer says, “David Grossack is a true American hero!”
In an age where Facebook and Twitter change the social and political landscape overnight, the Citizens’ Justice Manual is a must read for every concerned citizen. All this for a donation of $19.95!

The Plasticators’ Workbook

Stop Collections! Resist Usury!

By Attorney David Grossack

David Grossack has advised hundreds of people on how to resist credit card collection lawyers. He makes no pretense of having a surefire technique for making them go away (other than a Chapter 7 bankruptcy). However, he does have a strategy that can encourage credit card collectors to settle for less, and on occasion to walk away from court proceedings.
The Plasticators’ Workbook discusses the techniques of a pre-litigation strategy that a savvy debtor can use, as well as strategies for self-representation in court to wear down collection lawyers in a swamp of paper and discovery.
Written with sympathy for the readers, and with years of experience, The Plasticator’s Workbook is unique, creative, and radical. Though the techniques are controversial and cannot be guaranteed, they offer debtors under siege a way to take a stand when the bully boy lawyers of the banksters start in. Get your copy today for a donation of $34.95!

Government By Intimidation

Get Informed On Abuses Of Government

By Attorney David Grossack

A truly scary book that will convince you beyond a doubt that Americans live in a controlled state, where the government is conducting a war against its own citizens. We have a government that has murdered dissidents, supported domestic terrorists, and run all kinds of covert operations to “fight extremists” that cross Constitutional boundaries. It also is the author’s well-documented position that Wall Street interests have been trying to install a totalitarian regime over the American people, violently suppress technology and use bureaucratic regulations to harass rivals, and dissidents. Also, disturbing information is presented about abuse of forfeiture laws, as well as other kinds of bureaucratic overkill that stifles the American dream. Get your copy for a donation of $14.95!

The FREE Citizen’s Justice Library

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